• Trading For Beginners


Welcome to the exciting world of forex trading!

At KB Capitals, learning forex trading is exciting and fun. Using the resources in this section, you’ll learn the basics: how to open a trade, how to read the most popular forex charts, how to trade on the go, and much more.

The information published on the “Guide” page will teach you how to get the most out of KB Capitals’s trading platform. Be sure to go over it carefully, as the trading platform is where you’ll spend your time as a forex trader.

To help you hone your trading skills, we’ve designed a series of webinars and written an eBook called KB Capitals: The First Steps in Trading. These aim to introduce you to the trading platform and to important trading strategies. You are encouraged to ask questions while attending the webinars.

The eBook is available to all clients. Please contact your personal account manager to get your copy.

All new traders should get into the habit of following the daily financial news on our website and the economic channel. Staying on top of the financial news is the first step towards a career in forex trading. Another important resource is our glossary of important trading terms.

Important! You will get a personal account manager right after completing your registration. Your account manager will explain the trading platform and the basics of the financial markets.