• Bonus Policy


This agreement exists in two languages--Russian and English. In case of any inconsistencies between the English and the Russian versions, the English version prevails.

1. This company’s Bonus Policy applies to:

1.1. The KB Capitals Company (registered as AS Marketing Ltd (204597993), Address: Balkanska Voyna 10, 1616, Sofia, Bulgaria , hereinafter "KB Capitals" or "Company".

1.2. An individual who has an active trading account in the company and who hasn’t declined the proposal of the company’s representatives to participate in any of the bonus programs or loyalty programs (hereinafter - the "Customer" or "Trader").

2. The Сustomer undertakes to carefully study the Company's Bonus policy before registration in the company’s bonus program or acceptance of any bonus or premium.

3. Bonuses provided to a Trader by the company are not mandatory. A Trader’ failure to take bonuses in no way affects the interaction between the customer and the company.

4. The composition and nature of the actions and bonuses, as well as other means to encourage traders, are developed by the company. The company has the right to choose Traders for the application of one or another promotional offer. An action or a bonus is offered to the chosen Traders on equal terms. A Trader is strongly advised to read all the characteristics of the proposed bonus. The registration in any action or the bonus acceptance means that the customer agrees with the current bonus policy of the company. This policy has the binding force for the Trader during the entire period, while the bonus is active.

5. The Traders’ use of bonuses suggests the customer‘s trading experience. Use of bonuses or promotional offers without relevant experience can lead not only to getting profits but also can result in losses. The risks associated with trading forex include the risk of the accrued bonus loss. There is also the risk of losing the funds deposited to the trading account of the company by the customer.

6. The company reserves the right to target the bonus program at its discretion: geographically and regarding target audiences. Depending on the trader's country of residence the conditions for granting bonuses and participation in promotions can vary.

7. It is prohibited to present or sell bonuses to the third person. Bonuses and promotions are attached to a particular trading account and cannot be transferred to another trading account on certain conditions.

8. The currency of the bonus and promotions coincide with the currency of the customer's account.

9. The validity of the promotions and bonuses is determined by the company. All promotional offers can be provided with conditions and restrictions. The company has the right to cancel the offer if a trader does not comply with the conditions. Also, the company can change the validity period of the bonus or action without prior notice.

10. If the company has reason to suppose that the Trader overused the actions of the company or went against the Agreement between the company and the Trader, it has the right to withdraw the bonuses or close the customer's trading account.

11. The act of participation in the bonus or promotional program means the Trader’s consent with the use of their name and/or image in any marketing purposes of the company. The act of depositing the bonus means the refusal of any claims against the company in connection with the granting of the bonus.

12. This policy is governed by the legislation of Vanuatu. Any disputes between the company and the Trader are the subject to the authorities’ jurisdiction of Vanuatu.